HCN Next Gen Ministries

Ministry to children from birth through college

HCN is the place to be during summer 2012. 

4-8 - Senior High Camp
11-15 - Vacation Bible School (Age 3 through 4th grade)
             Middle School Camp (grades 6-8)
13 - Emerge Home Group (College)
18-21 - Early Elementary Camp (Grades 1-3)
             Musical Theater Camp (Grades 5-12)
20 - Emerge Home Group (College)
20 - Wednesday Nights in God’s Backyard (Preschool)
       Bible Bootcamp (Grades 1-4)
        Summer Concert Series - Livewire, B1, Emerge
22 - Emerge @ Sounds Game
25-29 - Art Camp - Grades 1-8
            Livewire Mission Trip to Lowerlights Ministries, Ohio
27 - Emerge Home Group

3 - Emerge Olympics
9-13 - Theater Production Camp (Grades 5-12)
11 - Wednesday Nights in God’s Backyard (Preschool)
        Bible Bootcamp (Grades 1-4)
        Summer Concert Series - Livewire, B1, Emerge
16-20 - B1 Mission Trip - St. Louis Missouri
            Tween Camp (Grades 4-6)
18 - Emerge Home Group
18 & 25 - Wednesday Nights in God’s Backyard (Preschool)
                Bible Bootcamp (Grades 1-4)
                Summer Concert Series - Livewire, B1, Emerge                                      
27 - Emerge Olympics Party
22 - Kindergarten Promotion Breakfast
        4th Grade Send-Off - His Kids
        8th Grade Send-Off - Livewire
        Senior Send-Off -- B1

1 - Small Groups Begin (all ages)
5 - Promotion Sunday (all ages)
      Back to School Bash (all ages)
10-11 Emerge Rafting Trip
12 - Gathering Kick-Off

For more info, contact:
Carol Waller, NextGen Pastor - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Eddie Witkowski - Livewire Pastor - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Shane Tarter - B1 Pastor - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ken Jewett - Emerge Pastor - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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As we are approaching summer, there are lots of ways that our students can serve, without ever leaving home.  We have lots of teams going around the world this year, and our students can be a part of that by providing materials needed by these teams: 

Operation Flip Flop -- Ken and Robin Jewett will be going to One World Orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo in July.  While they are going to bring home their two chidren, Rose and Emmanuel, they will also be delivering flip flops to the orphans who will stay behind.  Our goal is to send 100 flip flops to these children.  The bin is located beside the NextGen Info desk.

Soccer Ball Sponsorships -- We have a team returning to the Suvia children's home in Africa this summer.  One of the prized possessions that the kids love receiving are soccer balls.  Twenty dollars will allow you to sponsor a soccer ball for them to deliver to the kids.  These balls are called Evangeballs and are unique in that they have colors on them that can be used to tell the story of Jesus.  Each child who sponsors a ball will sign the ball with a message from them to the kids in Africa. Your child can turn their money into me, Pastor Carol, and I will have them sign a ball. 

We have several teens who are part of the Africa 2012 team.  They are collecting frisbees, jumpropes & bandannas to take to the children.  Bins for these will be in the Center lobby. 

As a community of faith, we work together to reach the world.  We are blessed to have these teams going around the world, and we teach our children to be a part by supporting these efforts with our donations.  Thank you in advance for all you will give!


 2012 NextGen Ministry Calendar  

Children's Ministries -- Lamb's Club (birth through kindergarten), His Kids (grades 1-4)

Livewire - Middle School Ministries - Grades 5-8

B1 - Building 1 Senior High Ministries - Grades 9-12

** Dates subject to change.  Additions may be added.  More information for each activity will be delivered via email, facebook, website & fliers. 
Jan. 4 - B1 - Pancake Fundraiser
Jan. 6 - His Kids Polar Bear Swim - Donelson Y Indoor Pool
Jan. 6 - Livewire Lock-in
Jan. 8 - 5th Grade Lunch
Jan. 9 - Deadline for extravaganza reg.
Jan. 13 -B1 Winter Retreat
Jan. 15 - Baby Dedication Sunday
Jan. 28 - B1 serve - Room in the Inn

Feb. 1 - Livewire Pancake Fundraiser
Feb. 3-4 - District Extravaganza (arts) 7th-12th grade
Feb. 10 -  Dad/Daughter Date Night
Feb. 12 - 6th grade lunch
             - Naomi Tea Party
Feb. 17-20 - Livewire Winter Retreat
Feb. 17 - B1 Slumber Parties
Feb. 22 - Ash Wednesday - no small groups, Service in the Sanctuary at 6:30
Feb.24 - His Kids Camp Kick-off Party
Feb. 29 - Purity Series begins, 5th-12th grade

Mar 2-3 - Girl’s Weekend - 5th-12th
March 11 - 7th Grade lunch
           Baby Dedication Sunday
March 30 - B1 Pump It Up
March 31 - Lamb’s Club Kite Day  

April 1 - HK & LC Egg Hunt
April 15 - 8th Grade lunch
April 12-14 - TNT - 7th-12th grade
April 13 - Parent’s Night Out - infant -4th
April 20 - Purity Banquet - (5th-12th)
April 27 - Livewire 30 hr. famine & lock-in

May 4 - B1 Angry Birds Competition
May 6 - Baby Day
May 11 - Father-son campout - all ages
May 18 - Livewire Angry Birds Competition
May 18 - Children’s Ministries Olympics (LC & HK)
May 20 - Recognition of High School Graduates
             - Livewire Dinner Theater
May 23 - Pinewood Derby Race (LC & HK)

June 1 - LC & HK School’s Out Party
June 3 - Baby Dedication Sunday
June 4-8 - Sr. High Camp
June 11-15 - VBS, Middle School Camp
June 18-22 - Early Elementary Camp (1st-3rd)
June 25-29 - Livewire & B1 Mission Trips

July 16-20 - Preteen Camp (4th-6th)
July 22 - 4th Grade Send-Off
               8th Grade Send-off

August 5 - Promotion Sunday
August 10 - Livewire Lock-In
August 12 - 5th lunch
August 17 - 4th Grade Lock-in

Sept. 9 - Baby Dedication Sunday
Sept. 9 - 6th lunch
Sept. 14 - HK Movie Night
5th quarter?

Oct. 14 - 7th Lunch
Oct. ? - Livewire Bonfire
Oct. 26 - Lamb’s Club Fall Fest
Oct. 27 - HK Fall Fest

Nov. 2-3 - Barnes Farm
Nov. 9 - Extravaganza (7-12)
Nov. 11 - Baby Dedication Sunday
               8th lunch

Dec. 2 - Children’s Musical
Dec. 4 - NextGen Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
Dec. 16 - Livewire & B1 Christmas production

NextGen Blog Archive

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  •      June 13-17      9:00-12:00      Ages 3 through 4th grade.     Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. Monday morning at the church.  Join us for an exciting week!  Join us as we learn more about the gift of God’s grace and how we can share that gift with our neighbors and the world!

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